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Stress Relief for Mom

Whether you’re a full-time stay-at-home mom, working remotely, currently furloughed, doing the side-gig hustle, or something in between, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing all kinds of new stress as you navigate quarantine with your kids. It might have seemed fun and exciting at first, but as time drags on you may have thrown all plans for creative learning activities out the window and appointed the iPad Babysitter in Chief just to be able to get your work done and enjoy a few minutes of peace.

There’s no shame in whatever your mom game looks like these days. “Being at home right now while working and trying to educate and care for [y]our children is not ‘working from home,’” single mom Maggie Smith pointed out when she spoke to the Washington Post about her quarantine experience.1 It’s messy, crazy, and totally unprecedented, and no one human should be expected to balance the roles of mom, teacher, entertainment provider, worker, housekeeper, and chef competently and without meltdowns.

That said, there are some ways to restore a semblance of order to the chaos of quarantine. We’ve scoured the internet for the best tips and compiled them here!

1. Provide structure. Kids get stressed just like you, and seemingly endless plan-free days will start to take their toll. Keep to a routine as much as possible, and schedule activities so that kids know what to expect and have “events” to look forward to.

2. Schedule self-care (but take the space you need before you hit the wall, too!). It’s impossible to pour out of an empty glass, so make sure you’re giving yourself time to recharge. Enlist your partner in taking on some of the household duties and handling the activities while you get some rest, exercise, time to catch up on that show your friends are talking about – whatever you need to relax and refresh before diving back into the fray.

3. Reach out for support. Human connection is vital for survival, and separation from your network of friends and family members might be wearing on you, especially if they usually help out with the littles or give you an opportunity to vent about the stress of motherhood. You might not be able to see them in person right now, but it’s still valuable to reach out and let a trusted loved one know that you’re having a hard time. That phone call might be just what they needed too!

4. Keep a trick or two in your pocket. Elizabeth Scott, MS, recommends “having several quick stress relievers on hand, such as breathing exercises and reframing techniques” for when the tension is escalating and you can’t make an escape.2 You can even get your kids on board by inviting them to participate, and make a fun family activity out of mood-boosting practices like outdoor exercise and basic yoga.

5. Stay stocked up on supplements. Keeping your immune system strong is more important than ever right now. The last thing you want to do is come down with a cold while you’re working so hard to protect your family from COVID-19. NatureWise created the Mommy & Me collection to support immunity, boost gut health, and provide the vitamins and minerals you and your kids need for optimum health. Use code MOM20 for 20% off our lineup!

In case no one’s told you recently, you’re doing a great job. It’s no small feat to take care of small humans, regardless of whether you have other work to do! We appreciate and admire you for all of the love and care you provide, and we’re honored that you choose NatureWise to help you stay well and keep kicking a**.




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