New Study Confirms Health Benefits of Eating Organic

New Study Confirms Health Benefits of Eating Organic

Finally: a solid study that confirms the benefits of eating organic food!

It’s been generally accepted amongst health-conscious people that eating organic food is healthier for our bodies than conventionally farmed foods. But until now, scientific evidence has been lacking.

Sure, it seemed like a logical conclusion, based on what we know about the dangers of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which have been linked with cancer in humans.

We also know that poorly nurtured soil has fewer vitamins and nutrients, leading to nutrient-depleted foods. But while a few previous studies have shown that organic foods are more nutritious, it hasn’t been conclusively proven.

So it’s really exciting to see a significant study that strongly backs up the wisdom of eating organic.

A 70,000-person study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found an impressive 25% reduction in cancer diagnoses for people who ate organic foods. That’s a significant study!

The big question is: what impact will this study have? Is this enough “proof” to motivate people to eat organic? Are the health implications even important enough to change people’s habits? Or does it really come down to other factors, like price and availability?

I personally think that this is a landmark study on the health benefits of an organic diet. But I think it’s going to take time for the word to spread, for the implications to sink in, for conventional wisdom to change. Time to transform habits. Time for prices to keep coming down.

Even so, I’m very encouraged by these new findings. Let’s hope for more studies that build on this one. If they confirm the results, the evidence may finally be too strong to ignore.

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