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Max Care Probiotics

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What’s Inside NatureWise Max Care Probiotics? 

We use high quality ingredients that work because they’re backed by science.  


18 Highly Effective Probiotic Strains (we know the names sound like gibberish, but we’re here to break some of them down for you): 

Lactobacillus Sakei ProBio65 – A patented and clinically tested strain that supports healthy metabolism and weight management. It also helps improve skin conditions and helps the body break down foods, absorb nutrients, and exert positive effects on digestion and the immune system by helping to balance the growth of harmful bacteria.  

Lactobacillus Casei – Promotes skin health, especially for people who want to improve their skin condition. Can also support immune health during cold and flu season. 

Lactobacillus Reuteri – Among the most scientifically well-documented probiotics in the world, this strain is of human origin and one of the few bacterial species that has co-evolved with humans since the beginning. It’s great for digestive and immune health. 

Lactobacillus Salivarius – This is another great probiotic that supports your body’s ability to digest food and support a strong immune system.  

LactoSpore™ - Also known as bacillus coagulans, this Lactic acid bacteria plays a crucial supporting role in maintaining the stability and diversity of the gut microbiome. It’s unique for its shelf stability during processing, packaging, and storage, which is how the probiotics survive without needing to be refrigerated. 

Inulin – This prebiotic lives in the bowel to help certain beneficial bacteria to grow. It can support digestive health, especially for people who need support with regular bowel movements. It can support healthy blood sugar levels and weight loss. 


MADE TO SURVIVE – What does this mean? NatureWise Max Care Probiotics were engineered with delayed release capsules to survive the harsh stomach acids that break down typical probiotic supplements before they get to the part of your gut that absorbs them and puts them to use. Unlike competitors, NatureWise Max Care Probiotics withstand those stomach acids and don’t break down until they’re in an area of your digestive system that can absorb them, increasing their bioavailability. 


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