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Probiotics work hard for your health, helping to optimize your metabolism, immune system, nervous system, and more. But they can’t work at all until they are living in your gut — and most probiotics won’t survive the trip. Our WiseBiotics time release technology protects probiotics from harsh stomach acids to deliver 15x more live, active cultures to the gut.

53 Reviews
  • 10 Billion (As Effective As 150 Billion)
  • Supports Comfortable Digestion
  • Encourages Ongoing Gut Health
  • Promotes a Robust Immune System
26 Reviews
  • 30 Billion (As Effective As 450 Billion)
  • Aids Comfortable Digestion
  • Supports a Healthy Gut
  • Immune System Booster
47 Reviews
  • Ear, Sinus & Throat Health
  • Promotes Long-Lasting Fresh Breath
  • Advanced Protection for Teeth & Gums
  • First Line of Immune Defense
8 Reviews
  • Easy to Ingest at Any Age
  • Improves Healthy Bacteria Balance*
  • Aids in Creating a Foundation for Life-Long Health*
27 Reviews
  • Support Women’s Digestive, Immune, & Vaginal Health*
  • Promotes Female Urinary Tract Health*
  • Nourish Gut Bacteria & Encourages Repopulation*


26 Reviews
47 Reviews
27 Reviews