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  • Plant-Based Source of Omega-3s: Each serving of NatureWise Flaxseed Oil provides 720 mg of ALA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid that the body converts into EPA and DHA, offering a plant-based, sustainable alternative to fish oils. 
  • Cold-Pressed for Maximum Potency: NatureWise Flaxseed Oil is carefully extracted from organic, non-GMO flax seeds without the use of hexane or added heat, helping to preserve the delicate structure of the omega-3 essential fatty acids. 
  • Essential, Science-Backed Benefits: Scientific research confirms the importance of omega-3s in a healthy diet, with crucial benefits for brain health, heart health, immune support, and healthy hair, skin, and nails.* 
  • Clean, Organic Ingredients: Our Flaxseed Oil is made from 100% natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients with no artificial fillers or binders. We respect the intelligence of nature — and the intelligence of our customers.

    A Greener Source of Omega-3s

    Omega-3 essential fatty acids are an important part of any healthy diet. They help keep your brain and heart healthy and support a healthy inflammatory and immune response. They also have natural beauty benefits, helping to nourish your hair, skin, and nails.*

    Most omega-3 supplements are fish oil supplements. But many people have concerns about the environmental toxins and mercury content often found in fish, as well as the sustainability and ethics of fishing.   

    Our Flaxseed Oil is a rich, plant-based source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. Each serving is standardized to provide 720 mg of ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that the body can convert into EPA and DHA — the same omega-3s commonly found in fish oils. Certified organic and non-GMO, it’s a clean, green alternative to fish oil supplements.*

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