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  • MAGNESIUM HEALTH BENEFITS: Magnesium is involved in over 600 cellular reactions and 300 enzymatic processes in the human body. There is an overall magnesium deficiency in the general population, with 68% of American adults not meeting the recommended daily intake. Magnesium may also help with nerve function, sleep, digestion, anxiety, depression, mobility, cardiovascular health, and more.* 

  • HIGH POTENCY MAGNESIUM: NatureWise 300mg Magnesium from Aquamin uses the latest technologies & science to achieve our daily recommended intake and provide a superior & cleaner product!

  • BONE & MUSCLE STRENGTH: Magnesium is an essential mineral and is considered as vital as calcium when it comes to bone health, and as we age the amount of magnesium our body can absorb decreases! Magnesium is associated with better bone density, especially in the hips & spine. Magnesium is also known to reduce muscle cramps, spasms, tension, and overall fatigue.
  • ENERGY BOOSTER & STRESS RELIEF: Magnesium is needed for energy production and helps promote calmness and reduce tension. *
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: Our magnesium is Non-GMO, Gluten-free, and does NOT contain milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, or wheat. Compare our product to Doctors Best, Nature Made, Pure Encapsulation, Trio Nutrition, Thorne Research, and more!

Magnesium is an important mineral required by the human body to maintain energy production levels. The essential mineral is involved in over 600 cellular reactions and is a cofactor for over 300 enzymatic processes in the human body. With today’s diet full of preservatives and lacking fresh naturally-occurring minerals there is a common deficiency in the general population, In fact, 68% of American adults do not meet the recommended daily intake.

Additionally, as we age, our bodies don’t absorb the minerals we need to maintain energy production. NatureWise’s formula uses a naturally-sourced, bioavailable form of magnesium from seawater, blended with a healthy serving of organic olive oil for a gentle and natural delivery of this essential mineral to your body.