Zinc 40mg, 90 Count Vegetarian Tablets

$ 18.99
  • Supports healthy immune function through the activation of T-cells.*
  • Boosts energy levels and promotes restorative sleep.*
  • Strengthens cell function and production.*
  • Defends against free radicals for anti-aging benefits.*
  • Manufactured in the USA at our cGMP certified facilities.

The infection-fighting, mood-boosting weapon you need in your immunity arsenal!

  • Antioxidant properties help relieve oxidative stress and lower inflammation levels.*
  • Essential for enzymatic healing processes and tissue repair.*
  • Supports digestion and metabolism.*
  • Boosts cognitive ability, mood, and stamina.*
  • Aids in the absorption of B vitamins.*

Zinc: The Cold Symptom Zapper

It’s the second-most abundant trace mineral in the human body, but zinc isn’t produced by the body naturally. [87] That’s why it’s so important to maintain healthy levels—especially during cold and flu season. Zinc activates T-cells and natural killer cells to fight infection, inhibit bacterial growth, and lessen cold symptoms. [87] But its benefits aren’t just seasonal: zinc also aids in wound recovery, collagen formation, acne treatment, and blood sugar regulation.* It supports healthy hormone levels, reproductive and gut health, and energy production. [90]

A Secret Weapon for All Seasons

Zinc is a powerhouse mineral that provides a wide range of health advantages. NatureWise Zinc is formulated using pure and effective ingredients to deliver maximum benefits and enhance a balanced, healthy lifestyle.*

High-Quality Supplement Manufactured in the USA

NatureWise uses only the highest quality ingredients for your peace of mind and well-being. This product is made in the USA in our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility that is audited for quality control by independent organizations including NPA, NSF, and UL.

Pure Potency with No Fillers or Additives

NatureWise Zinc is non-GMO and made without gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, yeast, or sugar. Our tablets deliver a concentrated dose of easily-digestible zinc without any added fillers that would reduce efficacy.

The Easiest Way to Boost Immunity

Just one tablet a day could be the game-changing difference in your cold-fighting regimen. Plus, everyday supplementation provides a host of other benefits for your digestive system, energy levels, sleep quality, and collagen production. [99]

Immune System Support — Zinc enables the function of essential immune cells and reduces oxidative stress to lower risk of infection and even shorten the duration of the common cold. [92]

Enhanced Gut Health — Zinc helps promote good digestion by producing digestive enzymes and keeping the intestinal wall strong. [93]

Anti-aging Properties — The antioxidant properties of zinc work to fight free radicals, which speed up the aging process and break down skin’s natural elasticity. [99]

Cognitive Function Boost — Along with its anti-inflammatory effects, zinc benefits the brain by facilitating communication between neurons and supporting healthy hormone levels. [94]