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Vegan Collagen Booster with Hyaluronic Acid - Mixed Berry Flavor

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Clean Ingredients
  • Contains no animal-derived ingredients for a 100% vegan product.
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, joints, and bones with vitamin C, vitamin E, and herbal ingredients.*
  • Includes a proprietary Glycation Inhibiting Blend to provide positive beneficials support on the formation of AGEs.*
  • Easy to blend into shakes, smoothies, water, or foods like oatmeal and yogurt for versatile use.
  • Free of common allergens, artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives!

Vegan Collagen Booster Packs a Protein Punch!

  • Contains natural herbal ingredients with collagen-promoting compounds*
  • Select amino acids and protein from almonds support strong tissues*
  • Includes antioxidants to help encourage overall cellular health from environmental factors*
  • Promotes hydration and supports the body’s natural inflammation processes*
  • Encourages both the retention of existing collagen and the formation of new collagen*

Made with Nourishing, Plant-Based Ingredients

NatureWise Mixed Berry Collagen Booster contains vitamins, amino acids, and plant extracts like green tea and black currant that are rich in beneficial compounds to provide nourishment and support for skin, hair, joints, and bones.*

Mixed Berry Flavor for a Boost of Fun and Function

It tastes great and it’s easy to mix into smoothies, shakes, or plain old water – but those aren’t the only reasons our Collagen Booster is berry flavored: Blueberry, crowberry, and black currant extracts provide support for the body’s natural defenses and encourage cellular protection from the sun and other lifestyle factors.* They’re like sunscreen you can eat!

Manufactured in the USA

NatureWise Mixed Berry Vegan Collagen Booster is plant-based, made from non-GMO ingredients, and proudly manufactured in the USA in a cGMP-certified facility audited by third-party quality control organizations such as NPA, NSF, and UL. Made with no artificial fillers, our Vegan Collagen is free of gluten, soy, shellfish, eggs, dairy, peanuts, artificial colors and sweeteners, and preservatives! NatureWise uses only the highest-quality ingredients for your peace of mind and well-being.

Collagen Resorption Blend – Blueberries, crowberries, and black currants all contain compounds called anthocyanins, which function as antioxidants to encourage the overall cellular  protection for the healthy skin that can provide positive support to the appearance of premature aging signs.*[1]

Glycation Inhibiting Blend – We’ve combined quercetin, a flavonoid with antioxidant properties, with green coffee bean extract, green tea leaves, calendula flowers, and walnut extract to create a blend designed to effectively help support glycation process.* When protein, fat, and sugar interact in the bloodstream, they form compounds called AGEs that can damage collagen and elastin. By supporting this process, our proprietary blend promotes the preservation of skin’s natural elasticity and youthfulness.*

Collagen Reserve Blend – Protein from almonds and amino acids glycine, L-lysine, and L-proline join forces to support balanced collagen levels and encourage the formation of new healthy connective tissue.* Quinoatrim, an all-natural, non-GMO quinoa product, also contributes amino acids while enhancing the taste and imparting a smooth texture to our Vegan Collagen Booster.*

Hyaluronic Acid – While naturally produced by the body and present in the skin and connective tissue, hyaluronic acid can become depleted over time. We’ve included it in our formula to promote skin health and firmness, joint lubrication, bone strength, and normal inflammation processes.[2]

Help for Healthy Joints

One of collagen’s most important benefits is the support it provides for healthy joint function. When natural collagen stores decline due to age or other lifestyle and environmental factors, joint mobility may become limited or uncomfortable. By supplementing with vitamins, amino acids, and plant-based extracts that promote the positive effects on retention and collagen synthesis, you’re helping to ensure that your body has the building blocks it needs to keep your cartilage and connective tissues in good shape!

Support for Strong Bones – Collagen is a structural component of bones. As the body’s natural collagen levels begin to degrade over time, bones may become more susceptible to damage. Taking a supplement that promotes ongoing collagen synthesis can help to encourage the continued health and strength of the skeleton.*

Nourishment for Nails and Hair – Collagen is a crucial component of healthy nails and hair. Its presence in the scalp and nail beds contributes to the growth of strong nails and shiny hair. A collagen-supporting supplement may aid in achieving enviable nails and luscious locks!*

Anti-Aging Assistance – Collagen is vital to the retention of skin elasticity. The maintenance of collagen levels in the body may help to slow the development of aging signs like sagging skin and wrinkles.* With added vitamins and beneficial plant compounds that promote the overall cellular wellness and support a balanced oxidative process, our Vegan Collagen Booster promotes health, vitality, and a youthful appearance!*

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