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Men’s Daily Support Bundle

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Men’s Multivitamin with Stress Support

  • Clinically Proven Stress Support: Features Sensoril® Ashwagandha, a patented herbal extract clinically proven to help counteract the negative effects of stress on the mind and body.*
  • Essential Nutrients For Men’s Health: 22 essential vitamins and minerals support the heart, muscles, prostate, and immune system, encourage energy production, and promote stress management.*
  • Full Spectrum Minerals: A fulvic ionic mineral complex provides over 65 major, minor, and trace minerals clinically proven to support cellular health and healthy blood sugar levels.*
  • Organic Whole Foods: 12 organic fruits and vegetables provide nutrients in their natural whole form, together with their nutritional cofactors and antioxidants.
  • Plant-based Enzymes: Food-grade digestive enzymes plus L. acidophilus help discourage digestive discomfort and encourage effective nutrient absorption.*

Max Care Probiotics

  • Superior Survivability: Our advanced WiseBiotics® technology increases our probiotics’ survival rate by up to 15x, giving our Max Care Formula with 30 billion CFU similar efficacy to a 450 billion CFU product!*
  • High-Diversity FormulaThe more diverse the microbiome, the stronger the immune system. Our formula includes 30 probiotic strains — far above average — each selected for their health benefits based on the latest research.
  • Unique Time Release: Our WiseBiotics® delivery system protects probiotics from stomach acids and provides a controlled time release of active cultures throughout the small and large intestine over 8-10 hours — a benefit that standard probiotic supplements can’t match.*
  • Guaranteed Viable: Many probiotic supplement brands can’t guarantee viability even at the time of purchase. Our probiotics are guaranteed to remain viable up to the expiration date, even if they are exposed to room temperatures. If refrigerated, they will stay potent beyond the expiration date.
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