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Immune Support Bundle

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Give Sickness Five Good Reasons to Stay Away

NatureWise Immune Support Bundle brings together five of our powerful immunity boosters to form a super-team of germ- and virus-fighting supplements that help to protect your immune system from all angles. The unique benefits of Maximum Care Probiotics, Garlic, Vitamin D3, Organic Flaxseed Oil, and Ubiquinol deliver the comprehensive wellness support you need to breeze through cold and flu season and stay healthy year-round!

Trust Your Gut

Our Maximum Care Probiotics contain 30 clinically researched strains of bacteria in proprietary WiseBiotics®️ capsules for time-controlled release, which improves survival rate and efficacy for a healthy gut and comfortable digestion. The microorganisms in your gut comprise over 75% of your immune system—make sure you’re taking good care of them!

Colds, Keep Out!

The garlic you eat might have an undesirable effect on your breath, but the garlic in our Odorless Softgels provides all the benefits for immune cell function, blood pressure, heart health, and everyday wellness WITHOUT causing garlic breath or burps. Plus, we’ve added bee pollen and royal jelly for an extra boost of antioxidants and B vitamins.

Sunshine in a Bottle

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps build strong bones and teeth, resilient muscles, and a fortified immune system. Our Vitamin D softgels contain the biologically active form of vitamin D that’s produced in the body when exposed to sunlight, packed in organic olive oil for improved bioavailability. Every day can be a sunny day with NatureWise Vitamin D3!

Plant Power

Even if fish oil isn’t what you’re into, you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Cold-pressed and carefully extracted to preserve the delicate structure of omega-3s, our Organic Flaxseed Oil promotes brain and heart health, supports the immune system, and encourages the growth of healthy hair and nails. These Flaxseed Oil softgels are plant based and sustainably sourced, and contain no dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, or fillers.

Essential Energy

Ubiquinol is the active form of CoQ10, the coenzyme used in the production of energy for vital organs. It scavenges for free radicals, increases stamina, and improves energy levels for more effective protection against bad bacteria and viruses. Clinically tested Kaneka QH packs a powerful punch by delivering all the benefits of CoQ10 in a form that the body can immediately put to use.

Sustainably Sourced, Natural Ingredients

NatureWise Immune Support products contain no GMOs. They are plant-based and proudly manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients in a cGMP-certified facility with third-party quality control audits, such as NPA, NSF, and UL. Made with no artificial fillers, our product lineup is free of gluten, soy, shellfish, and dairy!

Give Your Immune System a Boost!

In conjunction with good sleep, a nutrient-dense diet, and regular exercise, taking supplements can help improve your immune response by replenishing deficits in vitamins and minerals and providing your body with the resources it needs to defend itself against the germs and viruses that might otherwise slow you down.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of building an immunity arsenal by bundling five of our favorite products into one convenient package! And with benefits that go above and beyond immune system support, these are supplements you can stick with year-round to keep your health in top shape.

Manufactured in the USA with Domestic and Imported Ingredients

NatureWise uses only the highest-quality ingredients for your peace of mind and wellbeing. Our Immune Support supplements are manufactured in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients in our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility that is audited for quality control by independent organizations including NPA, NSF, and UL.

Try It Risk-Free! 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Skeptical? Don't worry! Try any product in our Immune Support Bundle Risk-Free (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee) and feel the difference for yourself! If you're not satisfied with the results after 4 weeks, we will refund you!