From product development to customer care, NatureWise is a company
you can believe in. We certainly do.


What Trevor Does at NatureWise

Trevor manages a multi-national team that oversees digital marketing tasks and projects and handles everything from SEO (search engine optimization) to social media relations and the in-between. He loves his job, the NatureWise team, the customers he gets to communicate with, and even “nerding-out” on projects into the late hours of the night.

What Trevor Does When
He's Not at NatureWise

Trevor received his bachelor’s degree from Southern Oregon University in music-business with a focus in percussion. So naturally, when he’s not in business-mode, he’s often playing drum-set or percussion. He also plays local gigs, and even tours the West Coast during the summer with a traditional panorama style steel pan group. Trevor cherishes the time he spends adventuring around the beautiful Southern Oregon area.