Super Citrimax

Function From the Fruit Rind

Super CitriMax® owes most of its function to its main ingredient: Garcinia cambogia, a small, pumpkin-shaped citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries to preserve and flavor food. The dried rind is known for imparting a pleasant sweet and sour taste, and it has been prized in Asian cuisine for making food more filling and satisfying.

As it turns out, the “filling” and “satisfying” functions come from a substance called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is naturally contained within the rind of the Garcinia cambogia fruit in amounts of approximately 16–26%. In Super CitriMax®, this natural substance is extracted from the fruit rind and standardized to 60%, the maximum concentration used in comprehensive clinical studies.

A Winning Formula

While 60% HCA offers appetite control benefits, Super CitriMax® takes it a step further to assure purity and increase functionality. Starting with the highest-quality Garcinia cambogia fruit, the patented Super CitriMax® formula binds the HCA to calcium and potassium, naturally-occurring essential minerals that help make the HCA more soluble and better absorbed by the body.

Naturally Sourced

It’s hard to improve on Mother Nature. That’s why Super CitriMax® blends only natural ingredients that work synergistically to offer powerful benefits. No synthetic stimulants or chemical additives. No fillers or unwanted ingredients. Only pure, natural ingredients blended under strict laboratory-controlled procedures to ensure safe and optimum potency, purity, and functionality.

Committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients, we selected Super CitriMax® to complement and bring even more functionality to NatureWise Whole Body Vitality Drinks. After all, a natural boost of “filling” and “satisfying” is a function that deserves to be called “super.”