From product development to customer care, NatureWise is a company
you can believe in. We certainly do.


What Romana Does at NatureWise

Romana spends most of her time helping our German, English, and French customers to get the great results they want from our products and stay with us. She also helps out with four other languages and is particularly happy when she gets the chance to use her own. Let’s just say that Europe is in very good hands, and it brings Romana great pleasure to help so many people reach the goals they set for healthier lives. The best bit is hearing their inspiring stories and knowing she played a part in their success. Romana also enjoys the global team meetings and sharing business ideas, knowledge, and strategies.

What Romana Does When
She's Not at NatureWise

In addition to her role with NatureWise, Romana teaches languages and spends her time at a creative writing club she founded for refugee children who need help adapting to a new country and like to listen and write stories. If time allows, Romana can be found in a swimming pool, at an iyengar yoga class, or at the seaside. She also likes to spend time in her little studio developing beautiful homemade soaps, candles, and cosmetics.