From product development to customer care, NatureWise is a company
you can believe in. We certainly do.


What Lori Does at NatureWise

What kid has never beseeched an adult with,“Tell me a story!”? But no matter how old you get, you never get tired of hearing them. As a copywriter Lori gets to tell the NatureWise brand story through all different kinds of mediums, from product labels and editorial content, to connecting with customers on social media to encourage them to share their own experiences. After all, who doesn’t love a good story?

What Lori Does When
She's Not at NatureWise

Lori is a reader, dancer, dog lover, group fitness junkie, traveler, and often overly ambitious home cook. When she’s not at home devouring NPR’s recommended reading list or dancing in the kitchen, you’ll find her hiking the California coast with her mutt, Barley.