From product development to customer care, NatureWise is a company you can believe in. We certainly do.


What Janine Does at NatureWise

Janine manages our Facebook promotions, handles multiple email accounts, communicates with customers, generates leads, and monitors product reviews on Amazon. She’s proud to be part of a company that provides her with learning opportunities, motivates her to work hard, and appreciates her hard work.

What Janine Does When
She's Not at NatureWise

During her free time, Janine tends to do outdoor activities and travel to random places to see the beauty of nature. If she doesn’t feel like going outside, she plays video games and watches movies online. She also loves going to Japanese and Korean restaurants to enjoy healthful, delicious, and unique dishes. Her interests include playing the guitar, listening to music, and cooking. Her dream is to travel around the world to see and experience different cultures.