A journey of a thousand
miles begins with
a single step.

- Lao Tzu


Jamal: Charting a New Course

Jamal’s journey started when he looked himself in the mirror and said, “Hey Jamal, let’s make a change.”
With that simple statement — that one decision — he charted a new course.

“I was out of whack. I had ballooned in weight and size,
I was out of shape, and I had poor eating habits.
I knew I had to take control.”

His first step was to research. He checked out Amazon.com to see what was working for others, came across NatureWise CLA and NatureWise Thermo Blend, and found that “everyone was raving about them.” After reading through the personal stories about people losing weight and feeling great, he decided to give NatureWise a try.


Pretty much right away, Jamal noticed an increase in energy. He started a new routine of working out, eating right, and using NatureWise supplements to support and improve his efforts. “I just started putting more energy into myself and started to establish goals. Weight loss, healthier eating… those were goals of mine I wanted to achieve.”

Then — with his goals clearly in mind — he stepped forward. “I’m one of those individuals that if I have my mind set on something, I have to achieve it. I embrace whatever task, or whatever goal I put in front of me. I can’t let distractions deter or take away from what I’m trying to achieve.”

“I’m not saying I won’t occasionally have an ice cream.
I will. But I know the bigger goal.”

Over the course of a few months, Jamal was transformed in body, mind, and spirit. “NatureWise gave me the extra energy I needed,”Jamal says, “that extra push during workouts. And it boosted my metabolism. NatureWise definitely benefited me.”

Overall, Jamal lost 42 pounds and became noticeably more toned and defined. He was also better able to focus throughout the day, and enjoyed improved mood and confidence. In essence, Jamal became the person he wanted to be — the person he always knew he could be. “By and large, I’m rejuvenated. I feel better, I’m comfortable with myself. I feel good about my lifestyle, and I like the guy looking back at me in the mirror.”

How does it feel to have reached his goals? “It’s just amazing,” he says, “to be where I once was to where I am now and where I’m going. It’s just an amazing journey.”

"Now I’m in what I call the sweet spot of life,
and I’m feeling good.”

But Jamal doesn’t plan on stopping now. He realizes that his health and wellness is an ongoing journey, and he intends to keep moving forward. “I’m going to continue this momentum and continue being who I am now, and create a great future for myself. I intend to make this journey a lifelong thing.”

  • "Incredible change happens
    in your life when you decide
    to take control."

  • "A journey of a thousand
    miles begins with a single

  • "Your life doesn't
    get better by chance,
    it gets better by change."


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