Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change.

- Jim Rohn


Calvin: Changing It Up

Embrace change. Two words that inspire fear — or at least trepidation — in most. But for student Calvin, these words are a big part of what gets him out of bed at 4:45 a.m. On most days Calvin has worked out, eaten, showered, shaved, and is off to class before many people have cracked an eyelid.

“I feel like a lot of people don’t like change.
I like change. It’s exciting to me.”

Calvin’s exuberance and drive are palpable when he talks about his decision to apply to grad school, and how that set in motion a domino effect for him that was both physical and mental.


“I thought about it and decided I can’t keep meandering, so I just kind of kicked it into high gear,” Calvin says. “I started looking up ways to start my day earlier, and make myself more productive. I basically took all this information and just funneled it together and set up a daily plan.”

“This is what I’m going to do everyday. I reorganized my life."

But juggling early mornings with a full course load and a social life, raising the GPA, and finding time to hit the gym isn’t an easy feat for anyone, and Calvin wasn’t always super health-conscious about his methods.

“I used to drink a lot of energy drinks like Red Bull. It kind of wreaked havoc on my body, but it was the only way I could stay awake.”Sometimes he’d have to drink cup after cup of green tea just to get the through the day. “My cup would be loaded with 5-6 bags, I just kept them all in there hoping they would give me that extra boost.”

Seeking a reliable — and completely natural — source of support he could trust, Calvin turned to NatureWise as an alternative to his caffeine-fueled days and the resulting crash they’d bring. Taking a combination of Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Coffee Bean Extract, he started to see results. Not only at the gym, where he significantly reduced his BMI, but also in terms of energy and focus. “It just felt great because I was able to do things I wasn’t able to do before. Before it was like, decide between strictly studying or sacrificing my grades to go to the gym or something like that.”

"Now, I’m able to do everything, which I feel terrific about.”

So that was it: a combination of supplements, a diet plan, and a workout routine — and a goal. “My grades went up. I had more energy. I was more of a team player, and I was just able to contribute more altogether,” says Calvin. “It helped me gain more, and helped me learn more about myself and what my own capabilities are.”

The results speak for themselves. Calvin started grad school in January and is even considering entering some fitness competitions down the road. But he won’t be settling into a routine anytime soon. “I feel like a lot of people get stuck in their daily routines,” he says. But sometimes, “it’s important to just take a leap and see how it turns out.”

For Calvin, reaching his goal is just the beginning. “You can reach a goal, and for me that was astronomical. So I basically took that and I said, ‘OK Calvin, that was a good start, but now it’s time to keep going.’”

  • "Incredible change happens
    in your life when you decide
    to take control."

  • "A journey of a thousand
    miles begins with a single

  • "Your life doesn't
    get better by chance,
    it gets better by change."


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