Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control.

- Steve Maraboli


Alissa: A Life Without Crutches

After going through the stress and hassle of a broken foot, Alissa is thrilled to be walking without crutches — in more ways than one.

“Breaking my foot really set me back,” Alissa says. She had been doing so well, eating right and exercising regularly, and, with the help of NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia, was on her way to losing the 20 pounds she’d battled for years. But a broken foot took her out of her routine and added stress to her life.

“When you’re out of it for a few months,
and you’re not working out and you’re
not doing things, it’s just really hard.”

Alissa started regaining the weight she’d lost. And that just compounded the stress.


“Stress is a trigger for me,” she says. And when she’s stressed — like many of us — she turns to food. “I feel like food has been a crutch for me my whole life. I’ve struggled with binge eating, and food is just such a focus.” Then, everything suffers — her confidence and self-esteem, her family life, her marriage. “When I’m not doing well, I’m kind of obsessed with how bad I feel. I hate how I look when I get out of the shower. It affects my married life, it affects a lot of different areas of my life.”

Committed to regaining control, Alissa turned back to NatureWise.

“NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia was the first thing ever that really allowed me to get
that control in my life and feel like it wasn’t so much of a daily battle.”

Pairing NatureWise Garcinia Cambogia with NatureWise Energy — which delivers a healthy dose of stress-relieving ashwagandha — provided tremendous support. In addition to helping to curb her cravings, it helped Alissa deal with everyday stressors. “I noticed a difference with my boiling point. It helps me maintain that level of control and centeredness.”

Most importantly, NatureWise gives Alissa the support she needs to stay on track. “Without NatureWise, I wasn’t doing it. It would be one day of doing well, and then the next day I’d fall off the wagon. Or two days of doing well and then I’d fall off the wagon for a week. I couldn’t get that consistent traction to move forward.”

Now, healed from her foot injury, Alissa is stepping back into her routine of self-care and wellness. “It’s awesome! I’m able to just eat healthy and work out and take care of myself, and then focus on everything else I have to do.”

"When you have that control, you can just be fit, be healthy, control
that stress and that anxiety, and it’s just such a great feeling.”

That great feeling spills over and impacts the rest of Alissa’s life, too. “My relationship is better, I’m a better mom, I’m better at my job… just because I feel better about myself. I’m more confident, and I have more to give to others because I have taken care of myself.”

  • "Incredible change happens
    in your life when you decide
    to take control."

  • "A journey of a thousand
    miles begins with a single

  • "Your life doesn't
    get better by chance,
    it gets better by change."


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