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Unlocking the Benefits of Turmeric: Two Things you MUST Do!

You’ve heard that adding turmeric into your diet is beneficial. You may have even started drinking delicious golden lattes a few times a week. Surely, you’ll be reaping amazing anti-inflammatory benefits soon…right?


Turmeric does have fantastic health benefits, but you must take it in the right way.

The Curcumin Craze — is it Real?

Turmeric’s uses in Indian Ayurvedic medicine are documented back to 400 BC. Recently, turmeric’s benefits have gotten a closer look.

The Curcumin Craze

A compound called curcumin gives turmeric its medicinal benefits and distinctive yellow color. Curcuminoids can:

  • Help support heart health.*
  • Encourage good cholesterol levels.*
  • Boost antioxidants to protect cells from damaging free radicals.*
  • Aid in reducing inflammation throughout joints.*

What many people don’t realize is that turmeric does not equal 100% curcumin. Your favorite jar of turmeric spice might only contain about 5% curcuminoids. Plus, curcumin by itself is hard for the body to absorb. By putting a scoop of turmeric powder in a latte, you’re getting lots of flavor but minimal health benefits.

To enjoy curcumin root’s true health benefits, you must do either of these two things...

Use Special Ingredient Pairings

Black pepper contains piperine compounds. These compounds enhance the body’s ability to absorb curcumin. Healthy fats can also boost the body’s ability to absorb and use curcumin. However, even if you cook with fat, pepper, and turmeric together, most recipes call for minimal amounts of spice. You aren’t getting many curcuminoid benefits at once.

Use Special Ingredient Pairing

Choose a Curcumin Supplement

There is one fastest and effective way to reap turmeric’s benefits — without having to figure out balanced recipes or drink a strangely peppery latte: choose a high-grade nutraceutical supplement.

Not all supplements are equal. When selecting a supplement, look for:
  • A high percentage of curcuminoids concentrated in every serving
  • Black pepper extract to support absorption
  • High production standards and testing to ensure purity
NatureWise Curcumin is an excellent choice for rapid and concentrated delivery of curcumin’s benefits.* Every serving contains 95% curcumin and gets a bioavailability boost from BioPerine® black pepper extract.* BioPerine® is a unique natural additive that encourages curcumin absorption by 30% or more — going above and beyond standard black pepper.* 

Go ahead and enjoy golden lattes if you love them! But don’t count on lattes alone for health benefits. Trust NatureWise to have your back and provide the curcumin benefits you’re looking for, without any added hassle.


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