NW Rewards Program

Every once in a while, I just want to thank our loyal customers for being awesome. I mean, you should get points for that, right?

Well, now you can! I’m excited to introduce our brand new NatureWise Rewards Program.

It works like this: every time you let your NatureWise loyalty show, we reward you with points. Then you can redeem those points for exclusive discounts and NatureWise shwag.

You can earn points any time you buy a NatureWise product, follow us or tag us on social media, write a product review, or share us with a friend. It’s that easy. And the more points you earn, the better the rewards get.

Sound interesting? Watch this short video to get the scoop:

Ready to get started? Go to naturewise.com and click on the gold NW Rewards pop-up in the bottom right corner. You’ll get an instant 250 points just for signing up.

Have fun!

DavidPaul Doyle
Founder, NatureWise


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