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If there was an award for being too candid or too transparent, I may be the winner. As I type this email to you, I’m actually a bit nervous. I’ve wanted to share this with our customers for years, but I’ve held back. It’s rather personal, and very close to my heart.

But I simply can’t hold back from sharing it any longer.

I can’t imagine a CEO from any other company putting out such a candid video about their company’s culture. This video may make you feel inspired, curious, humbled, skeptical, or excited. I hope you’ll tell me how you feel about it.

I’ve never been this open and unedited with our customers before. I don’t know if any CEO has. (Trust me, I scare people.) But at the core, this is about who we are as a company. I don’t think you’ll ever see us the same way again after watching this.

So click the link below to watch it now, and then post your comments below the video. I look forward to replying to them!

Nervous but excited,
DavidPaul Doyle
Founder, NatureWise


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