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Instagram’s Top 5 Favorite Health Trends

Many of Instagram’s most fashionable faces are putting a renewed focus on the importance of inner health! Looking good and feeling great starts from the inside out — and doing so is easier than ever with these insta-famous favorites.

Smooth Skin


This fantastic structural protein is an essential part of the human body. It plays a role in everything from helping you maintain your flexibility to keeping skin looking youthful and fresh.

It’s easy to get a collagen boost every day with Naturewise Enhanced Collagen Peptides. This flavorless powder instantly dissolves in coffee, tea, smoothies, and soups. With daily supplementation, you can enjoy:

  • Firm and glowing skin*
  • Fewer fine lines*
  • Healthy hair and nails*
  • Great flexibility*


A staple of Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha is a natural plant adaptogen native to India. It provides non-stimulating, non-drowsy support for mood and stress management. When taken daily, ashwagandha can help you manage any stressful situations that come your way.*

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Ashwagandha: hard to say, but easy to swallow. Talk about a true game changer for me and my not so lovely anxiety. I used to suffer from panic attacks and there are a few things I attribute to truly helping me get my anxiety under control. One of them is this powerful herb. It helps lower cortisol levels and I can feel a wave of calm wash over me when I take it on stressful days. I’m particularly partial to @Naturewise’s line of Ashwagandha supplements because they use KSM-66 which has been coined “the worlds best” with 5% withanolides, which are the active ingredients in the herb. It does so much more than just help with anxiety too! They combined Ashwagandha with select botanicals to target different concerns like stress, endurance, brain health, healthy aging and libido to create this superior line of supplements. Brain Health improves memory & recall, learning & concentration, enhances mental clarity, reduces mental stress & fatigue and increases information processing speed. Healthy Aging helps to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation while strengthening immunity & stress response, protecting vital organs and improve cellular energy efficiency, Endurance boosts your strengths & stamina and shortens recovery times so you can achieve fitness goals faster. They gave me a code to share with you that gives you 70% OFF!!! Stock up for friends & fam for the holidays! Use code COURTNEY70 at checkout, it works through the end of the year! When you click on the link in my bio, click on this photo that comes up and it will take you directly to their site! Enjoy my loves! #NatureWise #NWpartner #livehealthylivehappy 📷 @tmuthking

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NatureWise has harnessed the power of Ashwagandha and paired it with carefully selected herbal blends that provide complementary benefits. Our ashwagandha formulas can help you:

  • Manage stress*
  • Boost mental performance*
  • Improve endurance*

Vitamin D

The human body can create vitamin D, but it requires a decent amount of sun exposure to do so. Many people don’t get enough sunshine through the year, leaving them with a deficiency. Luckily, vitamin D supplementation is easy. With one small capsule per day, you can get support for your immune system, exercise performance, and mood.* A single bottle of NatureWise Vitamin D can last a full year!

Clean and Healthy Nutrition

Above all else, the number one trend is choosing clean, healthy products that support nutrition and wellness. This reason is one of the main reasons why Instagram trendsetters trust NatureWise products. Every NatureWise product is non-GMO, free of synthetic additives, and manufactured in the USA at certified, inspected laboratories. You can rest comfortably knowing that you’re only putting the highest grade products into your body — and getting the best results!*

Vitamin D

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