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How Vitamin D3 Changed My Life

Over the past year, I felt like I was in a slump. My work and social life were going fine, and I had nothing to really complain about, but something just felt “off.” I found myself frequently becoming overly anxious or saying “I feel really tired” or “I’m not in the mood.” Since I had just turned 30, I thought maybe these were just the realities of getting older, and that those all-nighters I had pulled in my twenties had finally caught up with me.

When I went in for a physical, my doctor informed me that my Vitamin D3 levels were low, and recommended that I start taking Vitamin D3 supplements. But I didn’t think much of it, and kept forgetting to take the pills.

Eventually, my fatigue and perpetually bad mood began to take a toll on my life. It was a challenge to stay focused at work, and the workday seemed never-ending. I wasn’t exactly the life of the party, and it was bringing my husband and family members down.

As a last-ditch effort, I found myself looking online for ways to increase my energy. It was then that I finally decided I needed to add a Vitamin D3 supplement to my daily regimen. This new supplement helped me in more ways than I ever realized it would.


I’d never considered myself to be a low-energy person. My motto used to be, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” So why did I feel eternally tired? Did I just need more coffee? Maybe this constant exhaustion was simply a sign of getting older.

When I started taking Vitamin D3, the exhaustion disappeared. It wasn’t a sudden change, but after a few weeks, I realized I hadn’t taken a nap in a while. No more falling asleep at the office or struggling keep my eyes open at work. Vitamin D3 helped me regulate my sleep schedule and manage my energy levels.*


I’d always thought I was as an easy-going person, but recently, my family had been throwing around the word “grumpy” to describe me. This wasn’t something I wanted to be known for. I also began to notice how much my mood was affecting my productivity: if I’m not in a good mood, nothing gets done.

Vitamin D3 noticeably changed this. The word “grumpy” was used less and less often, and finally, I felt like my old self again.*


After taking hormonal birth control for a while, my libido plummeted. I was worried that it would never return to the way it was before. I would never have thought that a vitamin supplement could change this.

After I started taking Vitamin D3, I was surprised at the difference it made. I naturally feel more “in the mood,” which has not only improved my marriage but my confidence and my demeanor in general.

Stress Response

While I’ve never had the kind of crippling anxiety that requires medication, I do have a tendency to become anxious under stressful conditions. If my workload is especially heavy or I have something important to do, I can suddenly feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on the tasks at hand.

One of the biggest benefits Vitamin D3 has given me, besides helping my energy, is the ability to respond to these circumstances with more calm and less stress. Being productive is critical, and thanks to Vitamin D3, I’m able to do more while feeling happier and more positive overall.*

I would never have thought that the addition of one vitamin could change my life so drastically in so many ways. Vitamin D3 might not be a miracle supplement, but for me, the results have been almost miraculous.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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