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Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom in Quarantine

As quarantine continues, people around the world are continually finding creative ways to mark significant occasions. From driveby birthday celebrations to secluded weddings to virtual happy hours, friends and family members are making the most of holidays and events that may not be turning out the way they thought or hoped they would. It’s not an easy time, but with a little imagination, these occasions can still be meaningful ones.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and you might be scrambling to figure out how to celebrate Mom given your current quarantine situation. Whether you’re close to your mom and able to visit, or raising a glass to all she’s done for you from another state or country, we’ve got ideas for activities and gifts to help you make her feel special at a time when it’s extra-important that our loved ones know how much they mean to us.

Giving a gift and flowers to a mom

Love is a Verb

The go-to options of making a reservation at your mom’s favorite restaurant or getting the family together for a meal at Grandma’s house might be off the table this year, but you can still spend some quality time with Mom—physically or virtually—with these suggestions.

1. Bring her breakfast in bed. Depending on your proximity and quarantine status, there are a few ways to do this. You could make it yourself at her house, make it at your house and drop it off for her, or order her brunch favorites from a local restaurant and have them delivered to her doorstep. If you can’t share the moment with her in person, jump on an early-morning Zoom call to show her that spending time with her is worth more to you than sleeping in on a Sunday.

2. Plan a social-distance picnic. Fresh air and sunshine are more essential than ever to keep immune systems strong during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pack a lunch, spread a blanket, pop the bubbly, and enjoy that nice green lawn and the May flowers. Plus, if the party’s already outside, you can take it to the streets: invite friends and family to drive by to say hi or stop and sit a while.

3. Take a class to learn or move together. Boredom is a common quarantine complaint, but this break from the routine of normal life is a great chance to learn a new skill or try a new kind of exercise. Show Mom how much you appreciate all those times she patiently showed you how to tie your shoe or solve a math problem, and have some fun getting out of your comfort zone with a MasterClass—or back into it after another long week of lockdown with some calming yoga. Whether you’re together in person or partaking in the shared experience virtually, you’ll feel closer for it!

4. Settle in for storytime, or gear up for game time. Get the family together via video call to swap stories of memorable moments from childhood, share what they love most about Mom, and ask her to tell you what she remembers from her growing-up years with her own mom. You just might gain some interesting insights! To keep the good times rolling, turn your story sesh into a game night with easy online games like Bingo, Trivia, Scattergories, and Pictionary.>

5. Make a memorable meal. Whether together or apart, spend some time in the kitchen with Mom (just like the good ol’ days!) cooking the same meal and then sharing it at the same table or at your respective ones. The conversation might not flow as easily over Zoom or FaceTime as it would in person, but your mom will appreciate spending time with you regardless. Bonus suggestion: make chocolate chip cookies or another fun dessert that gets you in touch with your inner child and reminds you of all the times you got in trouble for trying to sneak a taste of cookie dough.

Gifts That She’ll Remember

Mother’s Day is a holiday often met with dread as the pressure builds to find the perfect gift for the woman who gave you life. It’s also often a reminder that you should probably call her a little more often. This year might be different, as quarantine downtime provides unique opportunities to reconnect with loved ones and explore new hobbies. Here are some suggestions for gifts she can enjoy now and continue to use later!

1. Sign her up for a subscription. Whether it’s a newspaper or magazine she loves, a monthly personal care box, a book club or audiobook library, a meditation app, or another app or program that aligns with her long-term or recently discovered interests, your mom will think of you every time she receives an issue or downloads a new book! Bonus suggestion: if you use the same app or subscribe to the same service, tell her how you use it or what you love about it so that you can bond over your experience.

2. Build her a craft basket. Craft stores might not be open for perusing, but several chains like Michael’s and Joanne’s are offering curbside pickup if you order online. Has your mom picked up a new hobby during quarantine, or mentioned wanting to start a project but needing certain materials? Put together a gift basket of all the essentials so she can keep creating to her heart’s content.

3. Send her a spa kit. It’s tough out there in this brave new world of closed hair salons and nail parlors. Give Mom the gift of at-home pampering with her favorite nail polish, mani-pedi tools, face masks, hand and foot creams, and goodies for a blissful bathtime (don’t forget the nice bottle of wine!). You can even try your hand at DIY with homemade scrubs, masks, and bath bombs. And to give her something to look forward to when quarantine ends, you can always add a certificate to her manicurist of choice or plan a mother-daughter spa trip.

4. Forget-her-not with flowers. A tried-and-true “thinking of you” gesture, flowers are sure to brighten up any kitchen counter or dining room table. For a quarantine twist, pair a blooming bouquet with seed packets so she can grow her own flowers in a window box or planter. Gardening is having a moment during this pandemic, and for good reason—it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy nature in your own backyard, and bring fresh color into familiar environments.

5. Stock up her immunity essentials. Mom’s always done her best to keep you healthy and safe—return the favor by giving her the gift of wellness-boosting supplements from NatureWise. With probiotics formulated specifically for women, collagen for healthy bones and youthful skin, and multivitamins that help alleviate stress, provide nutrients for strong eyesight, support joint health, and promote the growth of hair, skin, and nails, NatureWise has what your mom needs to stay well and support her family during quarantine.* Get 20% off throughout the month of May by using code MOM20!

Mother’s Day might not follow tradition this year, but it doesn’t have to be a loss. Make it an occasion to remember and show Mom you’re thinking about her, no matter where you are, by taking some thoughtful steps to create an opportunity for sharing quality time together in quarantine. It just might turn out to be your mom’s most enjoyable Mother’s Day yet!


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