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Christina Anstead's Immunity Essentials

Christina Anstead is a busy woman. She started working in the real estate industry after college and she hasn’t slowed down since. The co-host of the HGTV hit show Flip or Flop, Christina also hosts her own home renovation show, Christina on the Coast. She’s co-authored two books, partners with nutritionist Cara Clark to facilitate healthy eating challenges, and shares a blended family of five kids with her husband Ant Anstead!

With everything on Christina’s plate, it’s essential that she include immunity boosters in her daily routine so she has the energy and vitality to keep doing it all. She loves all-natural NatureWise products because they’re free of gluten, GMOs, and fillers, and manufactured with certified organic and sustainable ingredients.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Christina prioritizes supplements that work in tandem with healthy eating habits and exercise to support immunity and are loaded with antioxidants to boost and strengthen immune cell function. No common cold—or even a pandemic—is going to get this go-getter down!

Here are Christina’s top immunity-supporting supplements.

1. Organic Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil is kind of like the supplement equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties are well-known among practitioners of ayurvedic medicine, and it’s gaining mainstream popularity for its ability to aid respiration and provide relief from discomfort related to allergies, asthma, and illnesses like bronchitis.* Black Seed Oil boosts the immune system, facilitates comfortable joint movement during activity, and soothes respiratory irritation for better airflow.* And here’s the icing on the layer cake: It also promotes healthy skin and hair!

2. Garlic - Odorless Softgels

Garlic gets a bad rap for the effect it has on your breath, but wellness advocates like Christina know that its benefits for immune cell function, blood pressure, heart health, and everyday wellness are too good to pass up. That’s why we created an odorless formula, combined with bee pollen and royal bee jelly, so that you can experience those benefits without the undesirable side effects of garlic breath or burps. A natural source of antioxidants, garlic helps protect cells from oxidative damage.* Bee pollen and royal bee jelly help to soothe inflammation and provide an extra boost from B vitamins.*

3. Ubiquinol - with Kaneka QH

You’ve probably heard of CoQ10, the coenzyme that plays a crucial role in the production of energy used by vital organs. It’s essential to mitochondrial function, has powerful antioxidant properties, and is found in every cell throughout the body. CoQ10 has been shown to increase stamina and energy levels and support the immune and nervous systems. Kaneka QH, the active form of the world’s purest, most thoroughly researched CoQ10 ingredient available, delivers all the benefits of CoQ10 in a form that the body can immediately put to use.1 Formulated with 100% natural, non-GMO ingredients, Ubiquinol can help keep your immune system strong when the going gets tough.*

4. Krill Oil Omega

You might be tempted to skip over this one because you already take a fish oil supplement. But Krill Oil is anything but run-of-the-mill. A single serving contains 1000mg of krill oil, which delivers more EPA and DHA (Omega-3), phospholipids, and astaxanthin (antioxidant) than traditional fish oil, with 3x more bioavailability for maximum benefits. Krill Oil supports immune system functions and heart, brain, and joint health; reduces inflammation and joint discomfort, and protects against cellular damage.* Sustainably harvested, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and less likely to cause burping and indigestion than fish oil, Krill Oil is the Omega-3 super-supplement you want on your team.

We tend to reach for those vitamin C tablets when cold and flu season rolls around, but keeping your immune system strong year-round with an arsenal of supplements can provide a better defense against germs and viruses and deliver a host of additional benefits for your heart, brain, joints, hair, and skin! Take it from Christina Anstead: these antioxidant powerhouses protect cells from free radical damage, boost energy levels, and strengthen the immune system for total-body wellness throughout the year.*

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  





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